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Python Presentation (24th,25th Jan at SJEC, Mangalore,
26th, 27th Aug 2016 and 21st, 22nd Oct 2016 at Canara Engineering College, Mangalore
[By: Shashanka G K, EZ Technologies, Mangalore ( |]

Environment Setup

For Linux

1) Open terminal
2) type python and press enter. The python is inbuilt there!!! You will see the version information there.

For windows

1) Go to
2) Download Python 2.7 (We are not going to 3.x as it is not yet production version) Installer
3) After download double click and install python (at default location c:\python27)
4) Open command prompt
5) Type "python" in command prompt. It should display python version.
6) If python command is un-recognized, set default installation path (c:\python27) to PATH (environment variable). Then repeat step 5

Expect the unexpected with Python!!!


Python Programming 1

Python Programming 2