​Exante reviews about the security of accounts on the platform

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Exante has developed a universal platform with a huge number of functions. Clients are offered the first deposit of 10 thousand in case of private work and 50 thousand if the account is corporate. Such sums are justified as there are more than 300 thousand positions in the catalogue and it is possible to enter more than 50 international trading platforms. But traders encountering the broker for the first time are looking for reviews that will tell them whether the risk of entrusting such amounts to the account is justified.
About the main functions of Exante customer reviews
Over the years of its activity, the broker has consolidated its leading position in the market. It managed to gain authority among investors and impeccable reputation. To have positive feedback about exante company review, the company has chosen the most necessary functions and features:
Possibility to connect new tools on request to the support service;
24/7 prompt execution of transactions thanks to 750 servers;
reliable protection of funds due to precise compliance with the EU directive;
choice of jurisdiction between the UK, Cyprus and Hong Kong!
Also, clients like the mobile app, which has everything they will need to make trades, and the demo account. It's easy to open, you won't even need documents to prove the identity of the account holder. You can safely use virtual euros, make new ones through the settings and test your own intuition and knowledge of the market by making test trades without the possibility of losses.
Exante employee reviews about the single multi-currency account
If a demo account is not enough to be completely satisfied with the platform, then you should open a single multi-currency account. There you can set up automatic conversion, enter a variety of currencies into the account, and they will always be converted to the necessary one for the transaction at the rate in effect at that time. You can disable automatic exchange of funds in the cabinet settings.
Exante reviews people about account security
The MiFID directive's customer money protection guidelines ensure that customer funds are 100% secure. The document contains many important points, one of which is the division of accounts into three systematised groups - for fully-fledged counterparties, private individuals and legal entities. For each group a personal protection is developed according to its status.
All other points of the directive are also aimed at providing a comfortable environment for traders to conduct transactions. That is why they are completely transparent, and market participants and investors can get access to the deal. Requests are executed within minimal timeframes, margin requirements for clients are quite feasible and commissions are modest. Cyprus' state-insured accounts additionally help protect clients from theft and other unpleasantness.
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