Error Code 005 - USB Device Recognition Problem on i7 vPro Business PC

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Hello Everyone

I hope this post finds you well. I'm currently facing a perplexing issue on my Intel Core i7 vPro Business PC, and I'm reaching out to the community for some assistance.

Error Code: 005

Issue Description:
I'm experiencing difficulties with USB device recognition on my Intel i7 vPro system running Linux. Whenever I connect a USB device, whether it's a thumb drive, external hard disk, or any other peripheral, the system seems to struggle with recognition. Sometimes, the device is not detected at all, and other times, it's recognized but doesn't function properly.

Troubleshooting Steps Taken:

  1. Checked USB ports for physical damage.
  2. Verified USB device functionality on other systems.
  3. Examined system logs for any relevant error messages.
  5. If you've encountered this issue before and have checked your system logs, sharing relevant extracts could be immensely helpful.
  6. Let's collaborate to solve this USB device recognition problem on i7 vPro together!
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