Fashion Hair Weave

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Fashion Hair Weave

Fashion Hair Weave
Hair weave is a kind of hair extension method. It depends on your hair texture and the style you want to achieve. Hair weave helps you to extend your hair and achieve your favorite hairstyle.
Fashion Hair Weave is a factory full of human hair products like – Human hair weave, HD lace closure, Colored weave, Hair bundles, etc. They always supply good quality human hair products at factory prices.
fashion hair weave

There are many types of hair weaves. The most popular weaves are –
• Brazilian
• Peruvian
• Indian
• Malaysian
• Eurasian

Every type of weaves is characterized by some particular texture. And they all come in various patterns, such as – tight curly, deep wavy, straight, wavy, etc.

Which is the Best Hair for Weaves?

Virgin human hair is the best for the hair extension process and quick weave. There are variously affordable and low coast bundle options for a hair weave. So, if you want you can choose from them to achieve the hairstyle you want. In various options – Malaysian and Brazilian hair weave bundles are popular for a quick and perfect hair weave.

You may have a question that which types of hair you should try for a hair weave. It depends on your hair texture and the style you want to achieve. Virgin human hair is best for perfect weaves. Virgin human hair means chemical-free hair. That hair never processed by any chemical is called virgin hair. They are natural hair. You can bleach, process, and dye these hairs as your own. Fashion hair weave offers you the best and good quality human weave hair with virgin quality texture and affordable factory price.

Every weave hair is characterized by a particular wave and texture, like – wavy, tight curly, straight, deep wave, etc. There are different types of weave hair, such as –
• Virgin Brazilian hair: Brazilian hair is one of the most popular and great textures for African American women. It is a bit coarser and thicker than Indian hair. Also, its shine, durability, and thickness are fabulous. It is very easy to manage. You need to flow some easy steps to manage it, like –
1. Wash your hair with a sulfate-free shampoo.
2. To comb your hair use a wide-tooth comb or paddle brush.
3. Don’t use oil on your hair.
4. Consult with any professional before using any chemicals on your hair.
• Virgin Peruvian hair: This type of hair perfectly matches with African American hair texture. Virgin Peruvian hair is very lightweight, luxurious, thicker, soft, and free-flowing. It is like a mixture of Brazilian hair and Indian hair. You will find the coarseness of Brazilian hair and a little bit of silky like Indian hair. And you will get beautiful bouncy hair.
• Virgin Malaysian hair: This hair is very soft, airy, and thick. Also, it has its luster. It perfectly mixed with African American women with silky, fine hair, and relaxed texture. It is a perfect hair weave for black women. Malaysian curly hairs are also best. It holds its curls very well.
• Virgin Indian hair: It is very bouncy, thick, and low weight. It gives the various types of hairstyles, like – curly, straight, and wavy. It perfectly blends Indian hair with natural luster and texture.
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