How to create new yahoo account?

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Yahoo mail is very popular among businesses, professionals, educational organizations or organizations that provide mail, browsing, search engine, current affairs etc. You can also get many options over yahoo like lifestyle, flickr, movies, celebrity and many more.
If you want to easy way to create yahoo account using mobile, follow these instructions: -
STEP 1 Open your browser and go to the Yahoo homepage.
STEP 2 Then, go to Mail at the top right side of your screen.
STEP 3 Then click on the Create an Account button.
STEP 4 Next you require to type your info like first last name and select a username for Yahoo mail and enter it over Yahoo username.
Do following: -
Type the password for your Yahoo mail account over the password field.
Type your mobile number in the mobile number field after this you will receive text or voice calls.
Choose Gender.
STEP 5: Read carefully Yahoo mail’s privacy policy and terms of use, and continue to verify your phone number by choosing to text me an account key or call me with an account key.
STEP 6 Enter code you receive and verify it.
STEP 7 Now your yahoo email account has been successfully created!

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