Introducing the process of processing vitamin supplements

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Introducing the process of processing vitamin supplements at a GMP-certified factory

Introducing the process of processing vitamin supplements at a GMP-certified factory

The process processing functional foods of vitamin supplements at the factory meeting GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) is very important to ensure the quality, safety and effectiveness of the product. Here is an example of a basic machining process that can be performed in a GMP compliant factory:

Production planning:

Determine the type of vitamin supplement product to produce.

Production planning, including product quantity, production time, and material sources.

Raw material test:

Ensure raw materials are purchased from reliable suppliers.

Conduct quality checks and verify raw materials as required by GMP.

Prepare equipment and production area:

Ensure equipment, machinery and production areas are clean, hygienic and meet GMP requirements.


Carry out the production process according to the predefined recipe and process.

Control the production process to ensure product accuracy and reliability.

Check quality:

Sampling from product batches to check quality according to GMP standards.

Perform tests such as purity, vitamin content, bacterial quality, and other factors.

Packing and marking:

Products after quality inspection will be packed with materials that meet GMP requirements.

Mark products with information about ingredients, instructions for use, and expiration dates.

Storage and transportation:

Store products under appropriate conditions to ensure quality and safety.

Carry out product transportation according to safety and storage regulations.

Recording and reporting:

Detailed records of production, quality control and related activities.

Make reports as required by GMP to monitor and check the production process.

Internal testing and evaluation:

Conduct internal audits and audits of the entire manufacturing process to ensure GMP compliance and find ways to improve if needed.

Continuous monitoring and improvement:

Perform continuous monitoring of production processes and quality checks to ensure GMP compliance.

Improve production processes based on monitoring and evaluation results.

Note that the above procedure is an overview only and is subject to change based on specific plant and product requirements. In order to meet GMP standards, factories need to comply with specific guidelines of food quality control and management agencies.

Quality and good price vitamin supplement processing services in Vietnam:

Currently, I can provide information about vitamin supplements functional food processing services in Vietnam. However, I can provide you with some basic steps to find and choose quality and good price vitamin supplement processing services in Vietnam:

Market research: Learn about the dietary supplement processing market in Vietnam, identify potential companies or factories that provide vitamin supplement processing services.

Look up information: Use online search engines to find food processing service providers in Vietnam. Look up information about them, reputation, experience and machinability.

Contact and request a quote: Contact potential suppliers directly and request a quote for vitamin supplement processing services based on your requirements.

Quality review: Quality review of sample products from potential suppliers. Ensure products meet quality and safety requirements.

Contract Negotiation: If you are satisfied with product quality and price, discuss and negotiate contract terms, including processing time, product quantity, price, payment terms, and other provisions.

Certification and certification checks: Ensure that suppliers have the necessary certifications and certifications, including GMP certification, to ensure that they comply with quality and safety standards.

Small production and test agreement: Before undertaking major production, agree to test the sample product and small production to ensure that the machining process meets expectations.

Final product evaluation and approval: After the machining is completed, evaluate the final product to ensure that it meets your requirements for quality and performance.

Monitor and Maintain: Work with suppliers to maintain product quality and ensure that machining continues to comply with quality standards.

Note that the selection of an outsourcing service provider is an important process and should be done carefully. Make sure you have a clear understanding of the product and outsourcing company requirements before making a decision.

LisGroup Factory - Specialist in functional foods supplementing minerals and vitamins to meet all demand in terms of quantity

With its factory system, LisGroup is proud to be one of the leading units in the production and processing of vitamin supplements for businesses, with the following criteria:

With its factory system, LisGroup is proud to be one of the leading units in the production and processing of vitamin supplements for businesses, with the following criteria:

Technology for producing vitamin supplements on a GMP standard production line

The technology of producing vitamin supplements on a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) line includes a series of processes and methods that adhere to high standards of quality, safety and production efficiency. . Here are some important factors in the production technology of vitamin supplements meeting GMP standards:

1. Material Preparation and Control:

Quality check and verification of raw materials before use.

Store materials under proper conditions to avoid damage and contamination.

2. Safe Transport and Storage:

Ensure the safety and stability of raw materials and products during transportation and storage.

3. Processing and Production:

Apply modern and safe production methods.

Comply with production procedures and detailed process records.

4. Production process control:

Ensure tight control of factors like temperature, pressure, time, etc. to ensure product consistency and quality.

5. Quality Check:

Perform periodic quality checks to ensure product compatibility with quality requirements.

Check the content of vitamins and other ingredients.

6. Hygiene and Safety:

Ensure good hygiene during production to avoid contamination with bacteria and dust particles.

Apply work safety measures to protect workers.

7. Packing and Storage:

Use packaging materials to ensure product safety and preservation.

Ensure correct packaging and marking procedures for products.

8. Recording and Reporting:

Detailed records of production, quality control and related activities.

Make reports as required by GMP to monitor and check the production process.

9. Staff Training:

Train and improve staff knowledge on GMP procedures, regulations and standards.

10. Continuous Testing and Improvement:

Perform continuous testing and evaluation to optimize the production process and ensure GMP compliance.

All of the above factors are intended to ensure that the production of vitamin supplements complies with the quality and safety standards required by the GMP standard.

Rest assured about product quality when outsourcing production at LisGroup

When you hire vitamin supplements to be produced on a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) line at LisGroup, you can be assured of product quality and production based on benefits and commitments. after:

Quality and Safety:

GMP standards ensure that the manufacturing process adheres to quality and safety guidelines, from the inspection of incoming raw materials to the final product. This helps ensure that your product meets high standards of quality.

Risk management:

The GMP standard sets out guidelines for risk management that help assess and reduce risks in the manufacturing process, from identifying contamination risks to ensuring hygiene and safety.

Quality Check Process:

GMP requires periodic quality checks and production monitoring. This ensures that the product is tested and evaluated throughout the manufacturing process.

Performance and Efficiency:

The GMP standard encourages the application of efficient and high-performance methods in the manufacturing process. This helps to optimize the use of materials, time and resources.

Recording and Tracking:

GMP requires detailed documentation of production, quality control and related activities. This helps to monitor and check the production process closely.

Training Employees:

The GMP standard proposes to train and improve the knowledge of employees on quality processes, regulations and standards. This ensures that everyone involved in the production process has the necessary knowledge and skills.

Commitment to Compliance:

Businesses that implement GMP are often committed to standing behind their products and complying with the requirements of the standard. This shows respect and commitment to quality and safety.

However, to ensure maximum assurance of product quality, you should conduct a careful selection process when selecting outsourcing service providers and ensure that they have the necessary certifications and certifications. necessary to do this work.
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