People leaving Hong Kong need lifeboats

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People leaving Hong Kong need lifeboats

A recent poll showed that 21% of Hong Kong people plan to leave Hong Kong permanently. After the implementation of the National Security Law, many democrats went into exile. Those who stayed in Hong Kong faced an increasingly severe political environment, and a new wave of immigration might appear in Hong Kong.

In response, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and other countries have relaxed visa policies for Hong Kong people, and the US Congress has also introduced a bill to help Hong Kong people obtain asylum.

Experts said that the gap between Hong Kong and other Chinese cities is getting smaller and smaller. Western countries can do little to deal with the consequences of the National Security Law, but they can provide more support such as visas and residency status for those planning to leave Hong Kong.

The results of a poll released on March 19 by the Hong Kong Institute of Public Opinion, formerly known as the "Hong Kong University Public Opinion Research Project", showed that 65% of respondents have no confidence in Hong Kong’s future political environment, 52% have no confidence in the economic prospects, and 21% plan. Leave Hong Kong permanently. Another poll published on March 22 by the think tank "Democratic Thinking", which was convened by Tang Jiahua, a member of the Hong Kong Executive Council, showed that 32.7% of the respondents indicated that they plan to emigrate overseas. If these two polls accurately reflect reality, it means that the number of people who may leave Hong Kong will exceed 1 million.
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