What is Cutting Dies?

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What is Cutting Dies?

What is Cutting Dies?

Cutting dies are the specific sharp objects that are used for creating a similar appearance on papers. The process or technique is called die-cutting. Different cutting dies have different types of dimensional areas. Some of them are used for getting cut out on your gift card. Some of them are used for getting cut out on your gift tags.
cutting dies

By using a dies shape, you will be able to create an exact 3D design. DIY cutting is a time shortening process if you use a DIY cutter. You will get your desired professional shape without using any knife or scissors. People who are new to cutting dies have a lot of inquiries about them. This article will help you provide your answers with some tips & tricks.

What are the Advantages of DIY-cutting?

The DIY-cutting process allows you to get an identical crafting shape. Everybody loves to create some crafty things for their beloved one. DIY-cutting helps you to instantly execute the whole process of crafting cards, presentations, gifts, stickers, etc. The dies you will use in this process to cut out the shape have different materialistic variations. This process saves your time. You can create & customize your creations. There huge variations including, plant dies, floral dies, word DIY, celebration dies, etc. in a cutting DIY shape.

Advantages of Using Cutting Dies
  • Save Money
Once you purchase cutting-DIY shapes, you can use them several times. Metal cutting dies are long-lasting, and you can use them again & again. As a result, you don't have to spend money every time. Besides, dies are a handy framework to create things yourself. So, you don't have to hire someone or don't need to pay them for creating your crafts.

You do it on your own. You can even add your taste and choices to it while making cards or tags. But, this opportunity may not be possible when the professional do it for you. Cutting DIY helps a newbie to create his things himself perfectly as well as they will make you feel proud of yourself.
  • Save Time
You've just heard about your children's school presentation one day before. So, you have to take instant preparation for her presentation. In this short period, going outside can be lengthy for you. So, what can you do? Take your DIY machine and cutting dies.

Then, make your desired professional theme for the presentation. Isn't it so simple and time savior? Cutting dies are favorite for their easy numerical shape. It works like a cookie-cutter. So, you don't have to spend a lot of time and effort.
  • Allow You to Be Active
Are you spending boring time at home? Why don't you bring cutting dies to your home? DIY projects are always charming and delightful. So, you won't bore while doing some DIY-cutting. Different types of dies will give you different vibes.

When you complete a DIY project on your own, it will be so sweet of you. You will be amazed thinking that you did it on your own. So, you don't have to be professional to use a DIY shape. It will reduce stress and cheer up your mood. You will feel like learning a new skill.

What Should You Consider While Buying Cutting Dies?

Cutting dies are made of different materials and craftsmanship. High professionalism is needed to shape the accurate dies. Cutting dies have variations from their manufacturing. So, you should notice some factors in your mind when you decide to purchase a dies shape.
  • Adoptive Ability to DIY-cutting Machine
As we cut out papers by using a DIY machine, it is crucial to notice the machine adoption ability of dies. Some dies don't suit with the maximum machines. So, before purchasing dies, read the product clarifications carefully and make sure that the DIY shapes are better enough for all types of DIY machine tools.
  • Material Quality
Checking material quality plays a vital role to choose the best dies for you. Metal cutting dies are the best to use. They are long-lasting and quite hard. So, reusing them is possible. Wooden dies are also good. But, they may break down with pressure. So, check the material quality first to buy the quality product.
  • Pattern Quality
The whole DIY process depends on the pattern quality as a pattern is a vital part. If the patterns on the dies are not clear and sharp, they won't give you a satisfactory result. It also helps to cut out papers quickly and effectively. So, check the clearance of pattern quality.

FAQs Related to Cutting-Dies

What to Do If Cutting Dies Don't Work Properly?

When you notice that your dies don't work, you have to put a little bit of effort to make it workable. Try to use the shape one way, then back the other way. Try it two to three times. You can hope that it will work. If it doesn't work, add a single sandwich sheet under the cutting shape. Then run your process again as usual. You can also use metal shim if the sandwich shim doesn’t work.

What is DIY- Cutting Machine?

DIY cutting machine is the specialized metal function that cut out the exact design from cutting dies on paper. There are two types of DIY-cutting machines. One is manual, and another one is digital. The manual DIY machine uses easy to turn level. It uses metal shapes to form the design accurately. Digital cutting machines are operated by computer, and the power source of it is electricity.

What are Embossing Folders?

Embossing folders are the thing that is used to mold the material to a particular dimension. Embossing is the part & parcel of dies. The embossing folder presses a design and helps to cut out the pattern on the paper.

In Conclusion

Cutting dies are the things you can have in your house for a long time. They are easy to use and provide you an accurate duplicated shape of many designs. They are affordable and provide pretty-looking shapes.

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