7 Cricut personalisation ideas for your garden

7 Cricut personalisation ideas for your garden


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Looking for Cricut project ideas perfect for the garden? We've got 7 for you in this blog. So sit back, relax, and get inspired for your next garden refresh.
Pretty pot personalisation
Plant pots do not need to be boring. Add your style and personality to your garden through your plant pot personalisations. Whether you love bold prints or subtle details, using permanent vinyl will help you achieve the desired look.
Permanent vinyl is best for outdoor use as it is UV and water-resistant for up to three years.
Goose up your life with this adorable goose-themed pattern from Cricut.com/setup . You can save this project and get making with it here.
If gooses aren't your thing, how about this gorgeous scalloped edge design (bottom right). Save or make this project here.

Gardeners paradise

Every gardener needs their own tools to tend to their plant babies. Cricut makers will personalise everything and these tools are no exception.

This garden box is perfect for storing tools in and would make a great gift for a gardener enthusiast.

Save or make this project in Design Space here.


Gloves that are a bit of you

Yes that's right. We are even up for personalising the gloves too. Adding initials or a name are great ideas for your plain gloves. You could even add pretty decals like Cricut maker Mary Lane Jerdal. Mary shared this project on her Cricut Design Space profile so others could make her beautiful gloves. You can save or make this project here.


Garden signage

If you have a sanctuary in your garden, a welcome sign is much needed. We adored this sign by Laura who made a sign with 'Nan's Shed' adorned in permanent vinyl. Save or make this project here.

 Label those herbs
Got a herb garden but can't tell your parsley from your coriander? Add herb stakes to your box with labels made on your Cricut machine.
This community-shared project by Susan Anderson (bottom left) is a great example of beautiful garden labels for your plants. You can save or make this project here.
Community member, Amy Fritz, also created a herb label project and shared on Cricut Design Space with the community (bottom right). You can save or make these gorgeous labels .
Is Cricut Venture just a larger, wider version of Cricut Explore 3 or Cricut Maker 3? Nope! Our engineering team could have done that, but they looked at every detail of our cutting machines and took them to the next level. They started from the ground up and took a hard look at which types of motors made the most sense so that Cricut Venture could cut at commercial speeds (up to 25 in/sec) at a wider width (24 in wide) with even greater precision (Mechanical Resolution: 0.006 mm/step, Software Resolution: 0.025 mm, Repetition Accuracy: ± 0.1 mm). Did we mention it can cut repeated images up to 75 ft long? Something else that sets Cricut Venture apart from other Cricut cutting machines is that it sits at a 45-degree angle. This is especially helpful when using a performance machine mat for any specialty material or cardstock. If this larger, wider machine didn’t have this angle and was a front-loading machine like other Cricut cutting machines, it would require around 3 feet behind and 3 feet in front of the machine for mat allowance. Cricut Venture was carefully designed to save space and fit in your home.
Why does this all matter? For those that are making big projects or making batches of things in bulk, Cricut Venture allows you to make more in less time. So, whether you’re an avid volunteer for your community, you have a side hustle that is on the cusp of booming, or you simply want to take your DIY game to the next level, Cricut Venture opens new possibilities.
Cricut Venture isn’t the only new thing. With its launch also comes an assortment of materials and accessories that will enable you to make it big. If you’re into cutting specialty material or like making with poster and cardstock, you’ll love the new Performance Machine Mats that come in 2 sizes: 24 in x 12 in and 24 in x 28 in. This machine sits on an angle and cuts faster, we had to redesign mats to keep up with the speeds and forces of this machine. Using the current machine mats that you have in Cricut Venture would shred your mats. These stronger, more durable Performance Machine Mats come in the same three grips that you know and love: Light Grip, Standard Grip and Strong Grip. These mats are great for drawing on posterboard, making batches of stickers, scoring with cardstock and even for using various scraps in one go!
The Docking Stand for Cricut design space Venture is the perfect place for Cricut Venture to live. It has docking posts that keep the machine locked in place as well as roll holders to set and hold your rolls of Smart Material. There are also antistatic catch baskets on either side of the machine that help keep your Smart Material nice, clean, and off the floor. Easy-glide wheels allow you to move the machine around in your making space, or store away the machine when not needed. Equally, if you were wondering where to store this machine’s new and large Performance Machine Mats, there are hooks in between the catch baskets for you to conveniently store mats.
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