FuboTV Samsung TV Connect Troubleshooting

FuboTV Samsung TV Connect Troubleshooting


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What if I didn’t receive an email?

Fubo tv values its customer’s time and efforts and hence it verifies the customer’s account within 1 hour of signing up. But still, it may happen you don’t receive an email within hours, in such case few things can help such as:

  • Checking spam in the mail inbox should be your very first smart move.
  • Still if you couldn’t find the mail you should click the resend code.
  • Many times it happens that users add incorrectly or misspelled emails and hence do not receive verification, it is therefore necessary to add the correct email and check once done.
  • The last option will be you should try with another email id.
What if verification is not accepted ?

When we talk about confirmation of verification code it should be completed within 60 minutes, that simply means 1 hour will be provided for verification code confirmation and after that Fubo.tv/connect will not accept the code.

Another mistake could be incorrect code , if you forgot or want to get a new code you can generate a new one by clicking the resend code option.

Receiving a message: ‘please start over with a different email address ‘

When a message as such pops out you need to understand that the system has detected an invalid email and then you are supposed to sign in again to continue further with your entertainment and interests.

What are the reasons you will need a credit or a debit card?

Providing details of your cards is a matter of concern but with Fubotv/connect details are 100%  safe and secure. Yes fubo tv demands card details when going for a free trial to provide your subscription access for the coming month when your free trial month ends, and hence the payment of your next month will be due using your card details. As soon as your trial month ends they will provide you with a notification resembling the message”you won’t be charged until the free trial expires on(the date). Just in case if you forgot your information you can visit fubotv account page for more details

  • Look for my profile
  • Then select my account
  • In this way, you can have an idea of your trial period.
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