Peacock TV free 3 months Premium sub (with ads; vpn needed)

Peacock TV free 3 months Premium sub (with ads; vpn needed)


By hensen5005 posted

You can get 3 month's of 'premium' service with ads ($4.99/month) by signing up for an account on an android device. I used my Nvidia Shield.
After signing up for a fee account and verifying your account email, they will send another email with a code for the free 3 months and a link to redeem it.
I received the email with the code about 6 hours after I verified my account.

As part of a prelaunch deal struck with Google, those who sign up for Peacock using an Android device will be able to get three months of Peacock Premium service for free. Normally $4.99 per month, Peacock Premium will offer more than 20,000 hours of content, or nearly double the amount that's available for the free, ad-supported tier.
For more info see review of Peacocktv and the plans

You need to enter a US address and also payment info - I tried my Cap1 MC and my Stack cc but neither worked so I used Paypal.

Of course, you need a vpn to access this US only streaming service (or a smart dns service which is what I use).

Fine print: By redeeming, you agree to all applicable offer terms. After the completion of your offer, your subscription will auto-renew at $4.99/month unless you cancel. Cancel at any time by visiting My Account.

More fine print -
The company's extended free trial will vary depending on when you sign up. Those who sign up between July 15 and Aug. 14 have access to a 90-day free trial but need to redeem their code by Aug. 31.
Those who sign up between Aug. 15 and Sept. 14 will have a 60-day free trial but need to redeem by Sept. 30.
People who sign up between Sept. 15 and Oct. 15 will be able to get a 30-day free trial, but need to redeem their codes by Oct. 31.

Finally to actually have your account closed at Peacock:
If you decide Peacock TV isn’t for you, canceling your account isn’t particularly easy. To switch from a paid plan to the free one, you can do so just from your account settings. This stops payment, but it doesn’t “cancel” your Peacock account.So, how can it be done? You can submit a request to NBC through this form (h/t Justin Duino) to request that your account is terminated. It’s not immediate, but it should close out your account.

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