This System Did Not Tell You How Far The Animal

This System Did Not Tell You How Far The Animal


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This System Did Not Tell You How Far The Animal 

A directional radio receiver was used to best cat tree for large cats pinpoint the location of the radio and the animal that was carrying it.Bear,lion and rabbit hunters who loved the chase soon began to see the value of this technology allowing them to keep track of there expensive hunting dogs.

The problem with this system was that this system did not tell you how far the animal was from you and in order to locate an exact fix more than one directional receiver was required. Never the less it was a great improvement and one that is still used today in many parts of the world.

These Small Devices Allow Just About

technology has been around now for more than 15 years. Within the last 5 years the ability to track vehicles and people has become available to the general public.Small tracking devices can be placed on just about anything including dogs. These units use cell phone technology to report the location, speed and direction of the tracker. 

These small devices allow just about anyone to make a GPS dog Collar. GPS tracking service companies will then provide you with a real time map for the trackers location on your lap top computer or cell phone.

Will Then Provide You With A Real Time Map

The problem is that you do not want to be carrying a laptop with you while you walking or hunting your dog. An additional more serious problem with this system is that you cannot always run your dog in an area with good cell phone coverage. Without good coverage you cannot have real time mapping of your dog's location.

Tracking Service Companies 

Recently Garmin developed new technology that allows you to easily use a dog collar to track your dog.The new system is called the Garmin dog tracking system. This system is built around its hand held model receiver. and in addition has a radio receiver.The unit then displays the information on a screen that can be layered with various maps including topo and street maps.

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