MiR-93 controls adiposity

MiR-93 controls adiposity

Conquering obesity has become a major socioeconomic challenge.

Scientists show that reduced expression of the miR-25-93-106b cluster, or miR-93 alone, increases fat mass and, subsequently, insulin resistance.

Mechanistically, authors discovered an intricate interplay between enhanced adipocyte precursor turnover and increased adipogenesis. First, miR-93 controls Tbx3, thereby limiting self-renewal in early adipocyte precursors.

Second, miR-93 inhibits the metabolic target Sirt7, which they identified as a major driver of in vivo adipogenesis via induction of differentiation and maturation of early adipocyte precursors.

Downregulation of miR-93 also occurred in obese ob/obmice, and this phenocopy of mir-25-93-106b–/– was partially reversible with injection of miR-93 mimics.

These data establish miR-93 as a negative regulator of adipogenesis and a potential therapeutic option for obesity and the metabolic syndrome.