Multi store billing system with auto synchronization

Multi Store

The project concentrates on building a online billing system such a way that, it can be used from different branches of the same organisation. The accounts department should be able to get the reports of the stores directly at their place. Sales and purchase can be entered at respective store. The setup will be done such a way that both offline and online mode can work so that work will not get interrupted due to unavailability of internet. Timely automatic sychronization of transactions data should happen between online and offline instances. 

The following are modules as per the types of user involved

  • Login
  • Stock
  • Manage User
  • View Report
  • Manage user
  • Update Rate
  • View Dashboard
Cashier 1
  • Login
  • Purchase 
  • Sales 
  • View stock Details
  • Auto synchronization
  • Data Backup

Cashier 2
  • Login
  • Purchase 
  • Sales
  • View Stock Details
  • Auto synchronization
  • Backup