Finnair's Cancellation Policy

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Finnair's Cancellation Policy

Every passenger should be aware of the terms and conditions of Finnair's flight change policy –

* All bookings made after December 31, 2020, are able to request flight adjustments and are subject to the Finnair change cost, according to Finnair's change flight policy.

* Only flight adjustments submitted through Finnair channels, such as, will be considered. The phone number for Finnair's customer service and the location of the nearest Finnair ticket office are also provided.

* Finnair must operate and advertise all flight bookings.

* If you request a Finnair flight change, there must be seats available on your new trip.

* Changes are permitted per person per trip and are subject to a Finnair change flight charge as well as any relevant cost difference.

* The change in ticket conditions does not apply to any other travel essentials in the airline ticket, such as hotel and/or car rental bookings, according to Finnair's flight modification policy.

* If travellers need to seek a Finnair flight change, they must do so according to the terms of their original ticket.

* If seasonality or fare class are not available on your reservation, you must pay the difference in pricing between your original and replacement flight tickets.

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