How can I modify my KLM flight date?

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How can I modify my KLM flight date?

Provided your KLM flight date is suitable for adjustment, you can do so if your booking meets the KLM flight date change policy or guidelines. You may also acquire information by calling the KLM customer care hotline. Follow these easy steps to modify your KLM flight date online:

How to adjust your KLM flight date

* Open your favourite browser and go to the official KLM website.

* Go to the top of the page and select the My Trips area.

* Please fill in the appropriate fields with your last name and booking number.

* Select your booking for which you wish to modify the flight date by clicking the Continue tab.

* You may now pay the relevant cost for rescheduling a flight on KLM Airlines, and then alter your flight date by following the on-screen instructions.

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