Steps to Time Warner Mail Roadrunner POP Settings

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Roadrunner require two components for the Roadrunner Email Setup is POP and IMAP. This type of settings are need on third party mail application such as outlook, Thunderbird etc. and you can set these settings on your android, tablets, iPad and so on.
Manually Setup Roadrunner Email Server
Setup Imap server
Open Application on your device
Input your Roadrunner login details(Email and password)
Click on manual setup option and uncheck "Automatically Configuration" option
Select Imap server setting to configuration for Roadrunner Email

1. Choose account type: IMAP
2. Incoming server:
3. Incoming mail server port: 143
4. security type: SSL/TLS
5. Outgoing Server:
6. Outgoing mail server post: 587
7. Security Type: None
8. Insecure Port: None
9. Input Roadrunner email id in the email field
10. Uncheck option: Secure Server
11. Uncheck option: Verified Certificate
12. Input Roadrunner credentials and click on next button.
13. Now, you have to offer which email account name, that want to appear on your screen
14. Then, hit on Done option

So, this is Roadrunner Imap server settings through this you can configure your email account on any mail application.

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