The Best Player to Ever Wear Each NFL Jersey Number

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The Best Player to Ever Wear Each NFL Jersey Number

It's amazing how much fans identify with a player's jersey number. Say No. 18 in Denver and people instantly think of Peyton Manning. No. 80 in San Francisco will always be Jerry Rice. Reggie White will forever own No. 92 in Philadelphia. To get more news about customized nfl jerseys, you can visit official website.

In fact, jersey numbers are so valued that if a player is dominant enough, his team retires his number after the end of his career. That means no player who plays for that team can ever again wear the same number. That's the highest honor a player can receive.

There are 100 possible jersey numbers a player can wear, ranging from zero (yes, it's been worn before) to 99. The following slides will highlight the greatest player in league history to wear each number.

Author's note: For players who wore more than one number throughout their career, I tried to pick the number they either wore the most or made their biggest contribution in. Technically, Jim Otto wore No. 00, but throughout his 15-year playing career, there were zero players in the NFL tougher than him. The center for the all-time AFL team, Otto endured 28 knee operations and repeatedly dealt with life-threatening bouts of infections due to artificial joints. He was named all-AFL 10 times and led the Raiders to the conference championship six times.
Warren Moon turned to the CFL after he went undrafted by the NFL. A decade later, he was the highest-paid player in the NFL. He played 17 years in the NFL, lasting until age 44. When he retired, he held all-time professional records for career pass attempts, completions, yards and touchdowns.

The top overall draft pick in the 1945 NFL draft, Charley Trippi played halfback, quarterback, defense and punter during his nine seasons in the NFL. He scored two long touchdowns in the Cardinals' 1947 championship game victory and he's the only player in the Hall of Fame with more than 1,000 career yards as a passer, runner and receiver.

One of the biggest and best players in the NFL during the 1930s, Bronko Nagurski earned All-Pro honors at three different positions. He was named to the NFL's 75th anniversary team in 1994.

There was nothing Brett Favre didn't accomplish during his 20-year career. He was named the NFL's Most Valuable Player three straight years. He won a Super Bowl with the Green Bay Packers in 1996 and led the team back in 1997. He posted his highest career passer rating in 2009 at age 40.

Favre holds all-time records for pass attempts, completions, yards, touchdowns and interceptions, and his 297 consecutive games played are the most by any non-kicker in league history. The first draft pick of the Andy Reid era, Donovan McNabb is arguably the best quarterback in Philadelphia Eagles history. Only Fran Tarkenton has more career passing and rushing yards than McNabb did. He led the Eagles to nine playoff victories and five trips to the NFC Championship Game and retired as the second-least intercepted quarterback in NFL history.

When Rolf Benirschke retired before the 1987 season, his .702 field-goal percentage ranked third in NFL history. He earned an All-Pro berth in 1980, a Pro Bowl selection in 1982 and the NFL's Man of the Year Award in 1983. He played through a serious case of ulcerative colitis, an inflammatory bowel disease that dropped his playing weight to 123 pounds in 1979.
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