Top Seven Ice Fishing Tips for Crappie

Top Seven Ice Fishing Tips for Crappie


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Crappies are one of the most popular fish to go ice fishing for. Lots of people are looking for ice fishing tips when it comes to crappie and want some simple tips to help them along. The best way to really learn is to just go do it. Read some information for an hour then go fishing. Make mistakes. Mistakes are good because it's the only way to really learn best baitcast reels.

Where Were They Before The Ice Came?

That's right, look where they were prior to the ice. At the beginning of the season they will still be there. This is deep waters usually between points in large schools of fish.

What about Mid-Winter?

Mid-Winter they move around looking for food. They love minnows and will follow them. Begin your search looking for them suspended near the basin. They really like structure this time of the winter.

What About The End of Winter?

Near the end of winter, usually in march I would suggest looking around the weed line and within the bays. Crappies are looking to start spawning soon so this is where they will migrate toward.

Do I Need Electronics?

Some people say yes some people say no. I say, go out once and see what happens without electronics. If you can catch lots of fish without it then you do not need it. If however, you are having trouble catching anything then a modern day fish finder will really help you out.

How Many Holes Do I Need?

A good number to start with is five. Using just one hole you really limit yourself but with five you can move around and try different spots.

What Is The Best Lure?

Live bait will land the most crappie. It entices their senses and makes them strike. You may also try special ice fishing jig heads.

What is The Best Technique?

Jigging is by far the best ice fishing technique. Just lower the rod for five to ten seconds then bring it up. Repeat. This method will land you the most fish but there are plenty more methods to try as well.
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