Dr. Hamid Mirzaei, PhD

Assistant Professor
Dept of Biochemistry | Center for Alzheimer's and Neurodegenerative Diseases
UT Southwestern Medical Center
Dallas, TX

Hangout Title: “Potential application of hydralazine, a FDA approved antihypertensive drug, for anti-aging therapy”
Hangout Schedule: Feb 8th: 1.30 pm CST, 2.30 pm EST, 11.30 am PST

Dr. Hamid Mirzaei  


P7C3 Neuroprotective Chemicals Function by Activating the Rate-Limiting Enzyme in NAD Salvage.
Wang G, Han T, Nijhawan D, Theodoropoulos P, Naidoo J, Yadavalli S, Mirzaei H, Pieper AA, Ready JM, McKnight SL Cell 2014 Sep 158 6 1324-34

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Systematic measurement of transcription factor-DNA interactions by targeted mass spectrometry identifies candidate gene regulatory proteins.
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Marker for type VI secretion system effectors.
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GOAT - A simple LC-MS/MS gradient optimization tool.
Trudgian DC, Fischer R, Guo X, Kessler BM, Mirzaei H Proteomics 2014 Apr

Phosphorylation-Regulated Binding of RNA Polymerase II to Fibrous Polymers of Low-Complexity Domains.
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A Gain-of-Function Mutation in DHT Synthesis in Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer.
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Sulfur Amino Acids Regulate Translational Capacity and Metabolic Homeostasis through Modulation of tRNA Thiolation.
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Honors & Awards
  • Missing Links Award - Cancer Prevention Research Institute of Texas (2011)
  • Top 10 most cited author of the year - ACS (2006)
  • Dean’s Citation for Academic Excellence - Ball State University (2001)
  • Outstanding Chemistry Graduate Student and Graduate Teaching Award - Ball State University (2001)